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med 9 form colorado 2021

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COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES MED9 FORM The Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND) program provides financial benefits to Colorado residents who are disabled. This form is used by County Departments
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hello managers in this video I will be showing you how to fill out a I nine form please please please make sure that you do it right were going to start with the patient number one well its really page number seven page number seven is the first page which employee the new employee that we hire he fills that out you see it says employer completes the next page this page must be filled by an employee so Im going to go through it this is an example last name of employee well go right here first name well go right here middle name well go right here any other names they have use well go right there the address well go right here art my number if any city state zip code and again this is just an example these addresses names are all fake data birth is this this is employee social security number this is their email address this is their phone number and being in Mississippi everybody just about as US citizens so they will check right here citizen of the United States and only thing employee got to do sign it and date it this part down here its for translator is for someone who doesnt speak English which in our business everybody speaks English and all of them are US citizens so again only thing employee got to do just fill this thing out mark hes a citizen if he is a citizen then sign it and date it his job is complete thats all hes just going to turn the space to you now were going to move forward with page number eight really page number two which employer Phil sees this employer or authorized represent a review and further verification right here you will this employee lastname firstname so in his here you put his first name in a last name okay last name and then the first name okay its very clear right there and mostly in Mississippi just about everybody have their drivers license or state-issued identification card and a social security card so Im not going to go over the detail the page a which you can if you want to do let me show you real quick what does it say right here lists a documents that establish both identity and employment authorization so it gives you everything that you need to that employer can present to you but mainly here in Mississippi nobody has passport they mainly have drivers license andor ID or social security card so the list B of documents it says right here read this carefully employee may present one selection from list a so lets say if you present you a US passport or any of this document right here whelton or or combination of one selection from B and one selection of C then he is good to go but were going to focus on B and C only because like I said most of the time they only have they have ID or they have a drivers license and they have a social security card so on the list B documents you will write down the title drivers license or state ID issuing authority Mississippi what is their number drivers license or ID number expiration date okay and Im gonna see you will put the Social Security title such as a you...
What is med 9 form?
The Aid to the Needy Disabled (AND) Program provides financial benefits to Colorado residents who are disabled. This form is used by County Departments of Human Services to determine medical eligibility for the AND Program.